Thursday, 04 August 2011

About the music of „super zoom“

Jörg Ulrich KrahBy Jörg Ulrich Krah

In all cultures, music plays an essential role in expressing emotions as well as being part of rituals. Various attitudes to life and certain moods reflect in the according melodies and rhythms. Often, this acoustic irradiation has a manipulative function, which can effectively influence emotional conditions as well as behavioral patterns.

Historically almost every movement had its own original sound, for instance, the Flower-Power-Movement. The uniformity of those who appear to be living in luxury, the „Globalization-Generation“, expresses itself through groovy beats and an acoustic landscape which encourages consumption and strengthens the sense of belonging subconsciously. Electronic music production often takes the place of sounds which used to be played live.

StudioThe music of super zoom was entirely and deliberately recorded acoustically. However in contrast, it does play with the mentioned clichés that get interrupted or entirely disfigured. Determined and defined sounds are continuously left behind in order to make room for free soundscapes and improvisation.

The instruments, which were recorded in the studio, violoncello, guitar, contrabass, and drums/percussion, are supported by a live saxophone and clarinet player. During the performance, the music is played back by a sound technician. The stiffness of pre-produced recordings is removed through the use of various aleatoric tracks which orientate themselves on the theatrical dramaturgy.

Musicians super zoomMusical director & cello: Jörg Ulrich Krah
Drums/percussion: Andreas Schiffer
Guitar: Christoph Stock
Contrabass: Walter Singer
Clarinet, bass-clarinet, saxophone: David Huber
Recording technician: Thomas Egger

Download this file (Trackliste_super zoom.pdf)Tracklist super zoom